Monday, December 11, 2006

Digg killer - group powered content

If you take a popular idea like DIGG and clone it the result will be "just another clone". But for me looks like a promissing way to overcome DIGG's limitations although it resembles much of DIGG's functionality. The "killer" idea is that it lets you create and join groups of any topic. Each group serves as a "mini-digg" with its own links and ratings. This keeps the links relevant and if I like to see only "the best photo you will see today" kind of links I'll create my own group without disturbing others.

The problem with is that is a good idea with a bad implementation. The deisgn of the site is awful and it may have been launched too early. And, well, too many ads! But I'm sure you got the idea and in the following months "group powered content" will become a popular model. Image DIGG with this features!


Zack said...

Thanks for profiling my website,! The version you saw was an alpha testing version, and you are right, it was absolutely ugly!

I'm happy to say that I've completely revamped the site and it is now 100 times better looking and more usable. I urge you to take another look... I think you'll like the improvements!

Ryan said...

Grupl has been updated! I agree the original site design was very good. After much needed feedback, we have updated the sites look and feel. Also, we made some important changes such as the home page now loads 50% faster. I encourage you to take a second look at Grupl. - Ryan