Thursday, December 7, 2006

Google search - tips

To find what you are looking for when using Google you can include some special words in your query and get interesting results. Here are the most useful ones:

  • related: - get related pages to the one specified (example in the picture below)
  • cache: - get cached version of the page (maybe the page is not accessible at the moment and you really need that piece of information)
  • link: - get pages that link to specified page (usually you will use this to find who links to your website)
  • info: - get more information about specified page
  • define: - define a term (for example try define:virtualization)
  • site: - limit your search to a given domain, very useful to find information on a specific page
  • allintitle: - search for pages that contain the words in page title
  • allinurl: - search words must be contained in website's URL

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