Monday, December 11, 2006

Can we really optimize Firefox to get more speed?

There are many articles and tools which promise to increase your browsing speed. Well, I usually don't like spending too much time on this but today I decided to try a small tool and show you the results. I'm sure the guys at TotalIdea did a good job looking for ways to improve our browsing speed if we use their freeware application so I didn't spend more time looking for something else.

So, FineTune (1.1.3) will offer you 5 presets for Firefox performance optimization and the idea was to measure real page loading time (htms, css, images, flash, ads) for a few popular websites (DIGG, CNN, NBA, W3C, FreeImages). To do this I used a free service offered by Numion. As you can see in the chart below no optimization resulted in a noticeable performance gain so I advice you to work with your browser default settings.

For this test I used a AthlonXP 2600+ machine with 512MB RAM, Firefox 2.0 and a 256Kb/s internet connection. Before each test I cleared browser's cache using "Tools > Clear Private Data...". I'm sure this test can lead to different results for other configurations so feel free to post comments with your own results/suggestions. The "y" value of the chart is page load time so lower is better. The red series use values measured for Internet Explorer 6.0.

Conclusion: Don't waste your time to make Firefox load pages faster. It already does it's best by default!


lickmygiggle said...

The best way to make firefox faster is block ads. Between querying the ad server, loading the ad and then rendering it, it just ads a stupid amount of time.

Ari said...

i follow the instructions to make a faster fox

it's not easy enough for everyone but i can do it!

uiyui said...

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