Thursday, January 25, 2007

Romania becomes a world-wide leader in creation of software

If you don't know what "Romania" means it's time for you to take a look. It's a small country in Southeastern Europe well known a few years ago for internet frauds (and I think that's the reason why even now you cannot signup for services like eBay, Google Checkout or PayPal from Romania) "Last year, a young Romanian was accused to have penetrated illegally in more than 150 computers of American public institutions, among them the NASA, the Department of Energy and the Navy, and to cause damages by about 1.5 million dollars."
People like Nadia Comaneci or Gheorghe Hagi drove world's attention to this country but it looks like lately Romanian developers do it. And that's what this Spanish article made me realize. I'm glad that some of those script-kiddies evolved to "a generation of computer science young people who have turned to this Balkan country in one of you lead them world-wide in the technology of programming of software.
The most visible flag of this change are the antivirus created by Romanian experts “BitDefender” and “RAV Antivirus”, marks that have gained even please as emblematic companies as IBM or Microsoft, and that already moves tens of millions of euros. In Romania there are more than 9,000 companies specialized in IT. “The computer science Romanians have already conquered a notoriety in this sharpshooting sector”, indicates Dan Ardelea, professor in the Polytechnical University of Bucharest."
Good news for the future...

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